What would you learn in Dubai?


If you are a permanent resident who has just bought District one villas for sale in Dubai, or you have come here for work, you are probably entranced by the richness of everything here.

It is a city where every day brings new learning opportunities. Although all kinds of lessons are priceless, some are certainly more valuable than others.


In this blog, we would jot down some of the most important aspects of Dubai, so read on!


  1. Friday afternoons and Malls

Ever heard of someone visiting Dubai, who does not want to go to shopping malls?

Never right?

Shopping malls are one of the greatest specialties of Dubai, therefore as long you are in Dubai, you can buy everything that one can possibly imagine. There are food outlets, cinemas, play areas, and much more in Dubai.

If you have an adventurer’s bone, you are allowed to take part in multiple activities here, including a ski field, ice-skating, and swimming.


However, before going and to enjoy make sure it is not Friday because you need to avoid going anywhere especially in Malls before 3 pm.

Actually, in a UAE’s week, Friday is considered to be the first day of a week, further, it is also considered to be a holy day, therefore it is dedicated to religious practices. Therefore, until the weekly Friday prayer and sermon, you cannot expect anything to be opened.


Similarly, If you are an individual who is averted to crowds, it is better to do all your necessary shopping before 3 pm or else you would find yourself virtually swimming in a crowd of humans.


Another thing that you should know before visiting Dubai is that, unlike most cheap malls in the world, here in Dubai the more glitzy and glittery a mall is, the fancier and better it would be.


  1.  Look for places that offer some kind of quiet and peace

When you would initially visit Dubai, you would be spell bounded by ultra modernity and diversity offered by this city. However, after some time you would start getting bothered by it because naturally, humans are species of change.


Especially if you are introverted or have a baby to cater and feed, the constant noise would start getting on your nerves. That is why you must look for spots that offer you a haven to relax.

Although, Dubai takes pride in being the city of rich ironically, the pricier the place is, the less crowded it would be. Therefore whenever you feel like having some peace, head to expensive cafe’s restaurants, and malls.


Some bougie stores like Armani’s and Ralph Lauren even offer special seating and areas for parents who are struggling with children.  There are also restroom facilities provided by luxury brands.


In addition to mothers, posh shops also make sure to provide ease to fathers. That is is a very forward way of thinking and should be encouraged as much as possible.


  1. Understand the driving culture and learn how to anticipate

Although just like all over Europe and America, Dubai also has steering wheels on the right side, the driving rules here are much more stringent than the ones found in West World. Therefore if you are an American or European the steering wheel rule would barely bother you, but you are likely to find some road rules a bit strange and even barbaric.


Here people do not usually signal while changing the lanes and sometimes and some people would give you a signal but change their minds a second later. This is completely illegal and dangerous, but you should know that a lot of the people coming here are from backgrounds that are less educated about the driving rules.


Another thing that is illegal but frequently observed in Dubai are drivers on their phone. You would see so many people gesturing and talking loudly while driving and you might never see them getting caught. However, you should refrain from following their suit, for you might not be as lucky.


You should always be ready for the worst scenarios, especially if you are driving at night on a crowded highway. You might have trouble getting used to Dubai roads and their drivers, but after some time, your sixth sense would start guiding you.


The above mentioned were only some of the lessons that you should learn in Dubai, however, they are not the only ones. So, if you are a curious soul who urges to learn all the time get one of Arabian Ranches villas for sale in Dubai and start living here.


































































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