6 amazing yoga studios in Dubai that you need to check out

Since Dubai is a place for everyone, it offers every amenity and luxury that one might require or wish for.  Here you would find amazing residential options including district one villas for sale in Dubai and apartments to live in Dubai. The fact that this city is a utopia for everyone, a great number of people are seeking to live here and as a result, it has turned into a city that keeps buzzing with all kinds of activity. Amidst this everlasting activity, one craves nothing more than a breath of fresh air.

Fortunately, Dubai offers multiple centres for breathing activities and because yoga has proven to be the most effective breathing activity, here you would find some of the best yoga studios in existence.

In this blog, we have listed for you some of the best yoga studios in Dubai so let’s have a look.

  1. Zen Yoga

This yoga studio is one of the original ones in Dubai and other than a wide range of yoga techniques it is famous for giving excellent pilate classes. At Zen Yoga, you do not need to be a professional yoga trainee, because the classes here aim to entail lessons that are helpful to all kinds of yoga enthusiasts.

Furthermore, this yoga studio is also famous for regularly holding various health and wellness programs with signature teacher training by non-other than the most acclaimed Diana Azavedo.

  1. Shimis

This yoga is relatively new in Dubai, however, due to the excellent training programmes, it offers it has become the number one among yogi of the city. Out of many unique factors, what makes this studio stand out among the crowd is the fact they feature a dark room with changing music and lights, an additional infra-red heated room and a lush green one that can immediately transport you in your zen mode.

  1. Trident Wellness

Despite being at the centre of bustling Dubai, this yoga studio is one of the most peaceful spots you would ever witness. The yoga rooms here are not just super spacious but they are also designed to allow sunlight to spread through in all four corners. Besides, everything in Trident Walls the yogis can also experience the most stunning panoramas of the Dubai Marina Water canal.

In addition to a more than perfect ambience, here you would also get a wide range of yoga classes including special Iyengar yoga classes that require ropes and other different props. Hatha to ashtanga is also one of the most popular specialities of this studio.

  1. Life ‘n One

If you are searching for a yoga studio that offers everything, then Life ‘n One is your best bet.

Sitting right at the heart of Jumeirah, this yoga studio is one of its kind. Other than amazing kundalini yoga classes and a variety of fitness workshops, this studio is equipped with a gorgeous garden and a cafe.  Here, famous healers are invited to come and impart their expertise regarding peace-inducing activities.

During rare cooler season in Dubai, some yoga classes conducted by Life ‘n One are also performed on the roof in the presence of light freeze and pleasant sunshine.

  1. Yoga la Vie

With its elegant interiors, this yoga studio is a major go-to place for yoga fanatics. Just stepping into this studio greets you with a gush of fresh air. Therefore no matter how little inclination you have for yoga, the atmosphere at Yoga la Vie would compel you to stretch yourself.

Ranging from Hatha and vinyasa to swing and pilates, this yoga studio covers it all. Furthermore, it also offers



exceptional classes of pre-natal and barre.  Furthermore, this yoga studio also hosts different workshops which are led by top yoga teachers.

  1. Eco Yoga Sanctuary

This is another famous yoga studio in Dubai that is only designed for ladies. The ambience of this studio is such that you would feel like you are in a zen spa. In addition to offering classic yoga, this studio is also famous for offering hot yoga, yin yoga and kundalini classes.

Unlike many other basic yogas, this one also offers a sanctuary for yoga experts, therefore adventurous exercises like belly dancing and Zumba is also performed here.

Besides, yoga studios, Dubai is also home to many fascinating places and spots, so make yourself lucky and get one of the Arabian Ranches villas for sale in Dubai.